SPI Lasers

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SPI Lasers

SPI, based in Rugby, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Fiber Lasers, and one of the few to operate on a truly global basis. Their mission is to provide customers with the very best quality products and after sales service.

SPI required a new clean room with which to manufacture their lasers. Ecolectrical installed an 110V Transformer, various distribution boards and a whole lot of trunking to feed all the power hungry processes.

This work took 2 weeks was completed in June by our highly experience electrical engineer of over 10 years of service, David Simons.

We have a long standing customer relationship with SPI Lasers, previously carrying out work such as lighting, emergency lighting and other electrical installations. SPI are always pleased with the safe, clean and professional work that Ecolectrical provides.

Comments from SPI Lasers:

“We use Ecolighting as one of our NICIEC electrical contractors. We have a very good working relationship for both fast response fixes and more significant projects (including a recent modular clean room services install that need some on the spot decision making and execution). We find them to be responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. thank you for your help.”

SPI RUGBY Case study PDF